This is a family game at it’s core, myself a DM of 23 years experience, my wife a player of over 10 years, and our son still in his 2nd year of gaming.

We make use of most of the rules however, the Action point system and it’s related feats and uses are not used.

Miniature-specific rules are generally ignored except in major encounters, for the most part we prefer descriptive storytelling of the dice-slinging over micro-management (no pun intended) of 5ft moves, exact distances, and precise line-of-sight.

Being the first serious Eberron game of our group, the Forgotten Forge is our jumping-off point.

The year is 998 YK.

I’ve drawn new inspiration from the band Abney Park, having discovered them while I was getting ready to pick up the campaign again. Quite appropriate and fortuitous I believe, as Mariana d’Lyrandar is heading towards the Windwright Captain prestige class.

We also make use of Screenmonkey along with either a large screen tv or a second laptop to display maps, visuals, and major encounters.

Corsairs of Khorvaire

Corsairs campbanner Karynna ironman Chucklepus