Corsairs of Khorvaire

Grimm's Tales

Well, my life has certainly gotten interesting lately. When the Lanterns paid me to find and assist a group of adventurers, I figured it was a good opportunity to travel a little bit and find new targets to alleviate of their possessions. As it turns out, I have found myself feeling like I actually belong in this group of assorted personalities. I feel a combat camaraderie with the warforged in the group, although his moral/alignment differences do make things interesting. The group’s leader is a half-elf young woman who is strong-willed and very attractive. A fact that disturbs me somewhat due to the fact that she is a half-elf, and we all know that Olladra is not the greatest fan of elves. I have decided that I will not be reporting back to the Lanterns after the group has attained its goal. I am hoping to remain a part of this group and have further adventures with what has hopefully become my new family.



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