Corsairs of Khorvaire

The Forgotten Forge

"Fate rarely calls upon us at a time of our choosing..." (Spoilers ahead!)

It was a dark and stormy night, accompanied by her advisor and bodyguard, Mariana d’Lyrandar was walking home from Morgrave University. On the next skybridge, a shadowy figure skulked about—it immediately leaped off the bridge when it realized someone had witnessed it’s presence.

As Mariana, Sentinel, and Johtan stepped onto the bridge, they saw a wounded old man laying in the center of the bridge. Rushing forward in alarm, Mariana and her advisor outdistanced Sentinel to see to the fallen human. As she knelt down to render aid, the assassin swooped over the rail from the other side of the bridge, landing between the two Khoravar and their Warforged protector.

Immediately the warforged assassin attacked the “weak-flesh” Khoravar. After a brief battle, Sentinel sent the assassin over the side of the bridge, falling 200ft to the next bridge below. A final messenger detached and flew away as the assassin fell. During the scuffle, Mariana purloined the dead man’s satchel.

The cavalry, as usual, was late to the party. Led by a dour sergeant, a dwarf by the name of Dolom, the city Watch arrived. The exchange was brief, ending with a thank you and commendation from Watch Sergeant.

A minor adventure concluded, the trio of House Lyrandar returned to Mariana’s family home. Once there, Johtan infused Sentinel with magical repairs but could not reverse all of the damage the assassin had managed, leaving some minor dings for Sentinel to work out himself thoughout the night.

In the morning, Mariana decided it would be best to investigate the remains of the warforged assassin.

Travel by skycarriage being the quickest means of getting around, Mariana hailed one and stepped in with her comrades. Partway through the trip, the driver tossed in a note saying “If you would know the truth of Bonal Geldem’s Murder, go to the Broken Anvil Tavern at dusk” along with a House Cannith signet ring. Arriving at Sgt. Dolom’s precinct, they ran into a bureaucratic snag. Deceased criminal Warforged are sent to an evidence archive when the investigating officer is finished with the body. There they are summarily destroyed.

Meeting with the Magistrate’s clerk left them feeling slightly ground by the bureaucracy, forms filled out and turned in with a bribe.

While awaiting the return of the Magistrate, the trio strolled through the nearby vendors and taverns to get information on where the Broken Anvil Tavern was located. After a brief encounter with a vile vendor, selling things such as a Mithral Warforged faceplate turned into a ballroom mask, the adventurers went back to the Magistrate’s office.

As it turned out, the Magistrate was already in session. As frustration and despair began to set in over the status of their investigation, the small clerk let them in on a gem of information. Should a ranking priest of any of the Sovereign Host request a body for proper burial, the evidence archive must hand it over.

Immediately the trio rushed off to the central temple of the Sovereign Host, heading straight for the Forge-shrine of Onatar. Anvil-Brother Semas was moved by the young Khoravar’s plea that no matter the deeds, all deceased of any race should be given the respect of a proper funeral. As a symbol of her conviction she donated the Mithral Warforged faceplate mask she bought from the vendor.

During the interaction, Anvil-Brother Semas was able to define for Mariana the purpose and use of a Final Messenger, as well as confirm for her that the identity of the Warforged Assassin would never be found on it’s body. Still, she and her companions assisted Semas in retrieving the corpse and attended the funeral of the assassin in accordance to the holy rites of Onatar—consumption in the great forge.

By this time, the sun was beginning to set, allowing little time for the three to hie themselves to the Mason’s Tower and the Broken Anvil Tavern. There, they were escorted to a woman’s table, a Lady Elaydren d’Vown, a cousin of House Cannith.

Provost Bonal Geldem was working for Lady Elaydren when he was murdered by an agent of the Lord of Blades. It seems he seeks the same item as she. In Geldem’s journal lay the key to it’s location.

An Adamantine star-shaped schema, part of an ancient creation pattern used by House Cannith. Striking an employment contract for a thousand gold coins, Mariana and her companions would delve into the deepest bowls of Dorasharn Tower, past the ancient sewers, and deep beneath Sharn itself to retrieve the Adamantine schema from a long-forgotten House Cannith holding.

After a brief respite to stock up supplies, the three set out for Dorasharn Tower’s lowest inhabited level. There they argued and haggled with Skakan, a goblin merchant, for information leading to the sewer entrance they required.

As they trudged through the offensive stench of the sewer, they found themselves ambushed by a rapier-wielding Warforged and two Razorclaw shifters. Due to the cramped quarters, it fell to Johtan to defend himself against the backstabbing Warforged while Sentinel held against the pair of shifters. Some judicious scrollwork by Mariana, coupled with the effective application of Johtan’s knowledge of magical constructs, alongside the terminally determined blade of Sentinel, and the fight was shortly won.

Leaving their enemies bodies, the adventurers continued on, coming around a bend to the door mentioned in the Provost’s Journal. An ancient version of the House Cannith symbol adorning the door, Mariana first pressed the signet ring of Cannith upon the symbol, much to her chagrin, nothing happened. Ever helpful, in his steady and quiet way, Sentinel advised she try the journal itself, engraved with the same ancient house symbol.

As the door swung open, the trio set themselves to rope and pitons, climbing down hundreds of feet until the hole levelled out into a tunnel. The tunnel opened up to a huge cavern.

Almost immediately the group was set upon by a swarm of hungry beetles. Scraping under armor, clothing, and even into the organic components beneath Sentinel’s adamantine exterior, they cause a great deal of damage. Without real fire, Mariana lit aflame a case of crossbow bolts she had lifted from the rapier-wielding warforged, tossing it at the swarm. Johtan let fly with Alchemist’s Spark and Fire. Sentinel, unable to damage for than a couple of the hundreds, found himself ineffective in this fight.

Between the flame and the spark, the swarm broke up and the group made their way into an abandoned one-room building to rest. Here they felt a serenity they’d not felt before. Dust built up where a door might be as if one still existed, and would not enter the room. After a short rest and search, they discovered that this was once a shrine to Onatar. Giddy at their good fortune, the group came across a half-filled fount buried in the floor. Sweet, cool water, blessed by the power of the God of the Forge, of Creation and Repair, it took their pains and wounds from them.

Ready to continue, but marking well the location of this building, they moved into the darkness across the cavern, coming to a great stone building with double doors adorned in adamantine, covered by the ancient symbol of House Cannith. The lost Foundry. Sentinel attempted both ring and journal, but neither would open the doors.

With no way in, the adventurers climbed to the top, to find that a section of the roof. Leading the way, to provide for safety, Sentinel leapt down into the room, his Everburning Torch lighting the shelves and rubble around him. There, two pairs of red-glowing eyes watched from the darkness.

Iron Defenders, large steel dogs constructed by House Cannith to be deadly guardians. These would not attack though, as Sentinel still possessed the Provost’s Journal. Looking around the room and shouting up to his companions descriptions, the trio were about to decipher the complex lock on the other side of the room above the forge. Tapping the noses of the Iron Defenders with the journal, Sentinel deactivated them and retrieved their keys. Within moments, the treasures of the Foundry, including the Adamantine Star schema, was theirs.

As they left the Foundry, they fell under attack by Saber, a warforged in the service of the Lord of Blades. Charging forth to defend his ward, Sentinel quickly recognized Saber as a former comrade-in-arms! They served together in the Last War for most of their time. Saber’s insults and exhultations of the Lord of Blades were confusing for Sentinel, though he did not falter in his protective duty. An underhanded trip by Saber, a shot in the back from Sentinel’s mighty bow, and a collapsed tunnel later, Saber was gone. Whether or not he survived, none of the group knows.

Resting inside the shrine of Onatar, the group made their way back to the upper levels of Sharn. A brief trip back to the Broken Anvil Tavern, a short wait, and Elaydren d’Vown, a most grateful host, paid Mariana and took the schema, offering a promise of future employment. Should they be interested, they are to check in with the House Sivis message station at Barmin Tower periodically.



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