Medusa Rogue-3


Ashae grew up in the city of Igneon as most medusa do, exposed to treachery, violence, and business from a young age. Even in this environment, it was possible to find love. The form of which came as Watchet, a half-daelkyr from the city of Ilhara-Vel. An attache to a higher-ranking trader/diplomat to the Medusae, Watchet had more free time on his hands than sense, and the pair met in a tense encounter when Watchet broke into her home. Deeper they fell into love, as twisted as it may seem from a normal point of view. Light treachery, playful shots in the dark, punctuated with passion in the dark.

Watchet taught her about locks and traps and even gave her a Hat of Disguise as an anniversary present. Together for a year without murdering each other. They were the talk of the city.

That’s when the cave fell in on their union. Watchet was called back to Ilhara-Vel. Ashae was denied permission to accompany him, from both the governor of Ilhara-Vel and the Matriarch of Igneon. A message came from Watchet a week after he left, by svirfneblin slave, to meet him as soon as she was able to in the Worl Above, in Droamm, rumored to be a Kingdom of monsters ruled by Medusae. The slave was nearly dead from his travels, and the map he was given to hand over to Ashae was stripped from him in a Rakshasa-led attack.

Resolved to join her love, she left as quietly and quickly as she could – but it was not enough. A bounty was placed on her for disobeying the Matriarch and Ashae has been hunted through Khyber by her agents.

She has recently allied herself with a Grimlock Monk named Chago, whom she finds arrogant but quite capable.

Ashae is evil and somewhat self-centered, except when it comes to Watchet. She will give anything to be with him again, and if it will serve that purpose, she would ally with even Angels.


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