Warforged Druid 8 / Warshaper 3


Beastian served as a scout and javelineer in Sentinel’s unit during the war. Afterwards, he wandered for a while, lost in philosophical thought.

In his wanderings, he came under the tutelage of an ancient shifter Druid, who saw something more than man inside the machine of war. At first it was just long talks into the night as Beastian explored the world around him. These talks came to friendship, then to mentoring. Beastian challenged the old druid’s notions of the natural world, and surprised him with a wealth of wisdom and observation for one so new to it.

Finding an aptitude for druidic magic and possessing a more personable demeanor than usual for a ‘forged, Beastian picked up the path quickly, even rearing a stray wolf pup he named Chorwo.

Secretly, Beastian yearned to live and experience life as the fleshy races do, and when he’d progressed far enough to learn to wildshape, a dangerous door was opened to him. His mentor had died in battle weeks before, and without his guidance, shunned by most other druids, Beastian became psychologically addicted to the animal forms he could take.

Beastian vowed he would continue the ancient druid’s fight against the aberrations and extraplanar fiends and foes that killed his mentor, to which end he has learned several new tricks to use with his wildshape forms. Growing larger weapons, stronger and heartier shapes, even reflexively changing the location of vital organs to mitigate damage.

He now spends more time in the form of an animal, usually a wolf, than he does in his natural state, and it was in this form that he met Rorsa and her pack. Now a mated pair, Beastian and Rorsa rule the Far Lands Pack, with Chorwo as their second in command.


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