Grimlock Monk-9


From day 1, Chago knew he was different from other Grimlocks. Though he went along with the disordered chaos of tribal life for the sake of survival, as soon as he was able to he struck out on his own, having overheard a story from a trading caravan of a cloistered order some months journey down. When he reached the Monastery of the Dragon Below, he found it a peaceful, if somewhat corrupt place. Training for war, meditating on the meaning of life, preparing for the coming age when the Dragon Below would rise to the surface and rule the surface. Eventually, Chago struck out again on his own, the surface world would never be a place for him, too many dangers overhead, no ceiling to climb, just empty, unknown space, no thank you.

Despite this, he holds a morbid curiosity to experience all there is to experience, like a scientist, he cannot resist the lure to know the unknown, even if only once.

To that end, he has allied himself with a medusa named Ashae, who is seeking to join the rumored nation of monsters in the World Above.

Chago is ruthless and has few rules guiding him beyond individual loyalty, mutual respect, and personal honor. Eye for an Eye is the greatest of these. Don’t start none, won’t be none ranks just below that. While lawful, he is not beyond measured responses of questionable morals. He has taken pleasure in the destruction of an enemy, but only when it has been necessary to destroy. He knows that he is the master of all things within 40 ft of himself, but does not fear anything beyond that, as he knows it is just a matter of movement to bring this unknown under his mastery.


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