Grimm the Reaper

Rogue 11 / Wizard 1


Grimm is an unknown factor in the party, little is known about the freelance agent, aside from his association with the Dark Lanterns of Breland.

A razorclaw shifter, Grimm was born on the streets of Sharn.

Grimm is usually seen wearing a black silk bodysuit over his mithral chain shirt, a single black glove on his right hand, two rings on his left hand, a leopard skin loincloth, cloak, boots, and spiked collar.


Grimm was born on the streets of Sharn to a modest and naive couple trying to survive in the world. At the age of 5 his life took a rather drastic turn. His family was robbed in the streets one evening, and his parents were killed in the ensuing melee. The robbers took him in and raised him to be one of them. He was shown callous acts of deceipt and wanton supplies of murder and merciless theft. Forced to adapt to a new world and family of treachery, back-stabbing, and cold-blooded killing for personal gain, he quickly learned to care less and hate more. People became mere bags of flesh that transported wealth for the taking. He was initiated into a group of assassins and thieves which had every intent of violating every law and moral standing that they could find. Until the day he found out that one of the members was killing children for sport. Grimm followed the assassin one night, and killed his fellow rogue before he could murder his 50th innocent child victim. It was at this time that Grimm was banished from the fellowship of crime that had raised him. He left town and did not return until his 21st birthday. He has since begun a new life in Sharn, in the shadows between a good, moral life and the life of a morally ambiguous rogue for hire. Caught between what he’s known for so long and what he believes is right, he still struggles to live his life in a way that will make up for the things he has done.

Grimm the Reaper

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