Johtan's new persona



Gruff voiced and heavyset, but solid.

J’hag the Half-Orc was born to a human father and orc mother in a small Shadow Marches village. More intelligent than most, he was not cut out to be a rice farmer or a hunter, and when the opportunity arose to hide aboard an itinerant tinker’s river barge, he leapt at the chance. Literally.

When the old artificer found him, he nearly tossed the boy overboard to the crocalisks…but something caught his eye. The boy had found a small broken device, a bauble really, and managed to cobble it back together. Once the boy had shown him how he fixed it, the old artificer was impressed enough that he took him under his wing in apprenticeship.

Eventually, as all things must at some point, J’hag and his mentor parted ways in Sharn. Work was easy for J’hag to come by, but money was not. Until he came to the employ of one House of Storm scion, Mariana d’Lyrandar, that is. Now he has a fully stocked workshop and the promise of adventure and more.

He won’t eat rice though, or anything that might remind him of the family he left behind in the Shadow Marches.



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