Elf Cleric, follower of the Draconic Prophecy


Having waited for the characters to arrive, tried to meet them at their inn but they’d left again, so convinced the innkeeper to let her into the room to wait for the characters.

A simple scholar (a very well-outfitted simple scholar!) of the Draconic Prophecy, she was sent to witness some upcoming great event surrounding Mariana, Sentinel, Grimm, and J’hag.

She appears to be forthright and direct in her dealings, aside from the cryptic references to the Draconic Prophecy.

Muroni provided much-needed healing during the expedition to retrieve the four schemas and creation pattern, now known as XULO, from the Emerald Claw in Xendrik.

Months later, she arrived just in time to save Mariana from poisoning by Droi the Weretouched Master and Assassin from the defunct Unmade guild. Accompanies the group to witness another Draconic Prophecy event. Does not know what it is yet, but knows it is focused on Grimm.



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