A Sentinel Marshal of Thronehold, tracking war criminals


Tracker appears a small halfling-sized warforged of dark blue and grey mithral with a badge etched into the left breast.

A brutal assault from the shadows, engaging a Construct Lock as he shouts:

“I am Tracker, Sentinel Marshal of Thronehold and the warforged known as Sentinel is under arrest for War Crimes pursuant to the signed Treaty of Thronehold! Do NOT engage in hostile response!”

At which point he will withdraw his attack.

What happens next is up to the PCs. All guards in the area stand at the ready, hands on weapons, but look from the pint-sized Tracker to the PCs and back.

Firstborn Esravash will demand verification. Tracker produces the Writ of Accusation, as well as the Writ of Retrieval. She will advise the PCs not to press the issue, as attacking Tracker after he has ID’d himself and his mission would cause them to become outlaws and targets for everyone, including House Lyrandar.

Tracker is confident in his abilities, even fairly conversational. As he does not sleep, he is always on his guard, watching his back, etc., so he doesn’t fear assault or betrayal. He will even allow Mariana to take them to Thronehold in her airship.



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