Corsairs of Khorvaire

Grimm's Tales

Well, my life has certainly gotten interesting lately. When the Lanterns paid me to find and assist a group of adventurers, I figured it was a good opportunity to travel a little bit and find new targets to alleviate of their possessions. As it turns out, I have found myself feeling like I actually belong in this group of assorted personalities. I feel a combat camaraderie with the warforged in the group, although his moral/alignment differences do make things interesting. The group’s leader is a half-elf young woman who is strong-willed and very attractive. A fact that disturbs me somewhat due to the fact that she is a half-elf, and we all know that Olladra is not the greatest fan of elves. I have decided that I will not be reporting back to the Lanterns after the group has attained its goal. I am hoping to remain a part of this group and have further adventures with what has hopefully become my new family.

Instead of this, that

Rather than using the Adventure Log feature, the notes from Johtan the Artificer’s journal will be posted in chronological order, accessible by date through the Calendar.

The Forgotten Forge
"Fate rarely calls upon us at a time of our choosing..." (Spoilers ahead!)

It was a dark and stormy night, accompanied by her advisor and bodyguard, Mariana d’Lyrandar was walking home from Morgrave University. On the next skybridge, a shadowy figure skulked about—it immediately leaped off the bridge when it realized someone had witnessed it’s presence.

As Mariana, Sentinel, and Johtan stepped onto the bridge, they saw a wounded old man laying in the center of the bridge. Rushing forward in alarm, Mariana and her advisor outdistanced Sentinel to see to the fallen human. As she knelt down to render aid, the assassin swooped over the rail from the other side of the bridge, landing between the two Khoravar and their Warforged protector.

Immediately the warforged assassin attacked the “weak-flesh” Khoravar. After a brief battle, Sentinel sent the assassin over the side of the bridge, falling 200ft to the next bridge below. A final messenger detached and flew away as the assassin fell. During the scuffle, Mariana purloined the dead man’s satchel.

The cavalry, as usual, was late to the party. Led by a dour sergeant, a dwarf by the name of Dolom, the city Watch arrived. The exchange was brief, ending with a thank you and commendation from Watch Sergeant.

A minor adventure concluded, the trio of House Lyrandar returned to Mariana’s family home. Once there, Johtan infused Sentinel with magical repairs but could not reverse all of the damage the assassin had managed, leaving some minor dings for Sentinel to work out himself thoughout the night.


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