Low-ranking administrative advisor, Changeling Artificer 7 named Joh


Wears studded leather armor and carries a sling, masterwork light mace, and a light steel shield. A pair of crossed belts on his hips contains various components and pieces for his works.



Johtan is a young Khoravar with a private love of Artifice and public love of detail, but lacking any Dragonmark. His natural skill with navigating bureaucratic papers and officials led to his gaining a small post within House Lyrandar—one which he was summarily dismissed from after a heated argument with his superior.

He’s been reassigned to a very junior advisory position to a young dragonmarked scion of a House baron.

Recently deceased, it was revealed that Johtan was a persona worn by the Changeling, Joh. Upon his resurrection at the temple of Onatar in Sharn, he revealed Mariana’s past and the reasons for his deceit.

Dead to the family, Johtan’s taken a new identity, that of the young but handsome half-orc J’hag.


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