Baronet Shavil d'Lyrandar

House Lyrandar Aristocrat


Baronet Shavil d’Lyrandar, a 74 year-old minor nobleman of House Lyrandar, runs the docking-towers of Sharn with an iron hand balanced by a sense of honor.

He is married with one child. His wife, Lady Feliene d’Lyrandar, spends most of her days attending to the business of running their home while their daughter attends Morgrave University on most days.

While ever-busy, Shavil tends to place his daughter above almost anything else, given the unusual circumstances of her birth. When she was born, a Siberys shard fell from the heavens, crashing through her nursery and instantly killing an assassin laying in wait for the only daughter of Shavil and Feliene. To the proud parents, this was a sign that she was meant for great things.

To this end, he has acquired through favors and cash a number of personal bodyguards and tutors and administrators to ensure her safety. The latest of which is an Adamantine-bodied Warforged and a sharp young Khoravar advisor named Johtan.

Most recently, he has provided weighty testimony as to the impeccable character of the warforged Sentinel at his trial in Thronehold for war crimes.

Baronet Shavil d'Lyrandar

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