Scungy, sly, and greedy, but very knowledgeable.

Met for the first time in the Goblin Market under Sharn, sold Mariana the information to the correct sewer tunnel that led into the under city.

Met a second time in Darguun at the Bloody Market, this time selling a busted copper bell for 10 gold, 5 silver to Mariana, wrapped in the location of Failin.

A third time, in an alleyway in Sterngate, Skakan appeared to sell Mariana a cheap silver dagger for 125 gold, even throwing in a confirmation of Lucan’s presence on the Lightning Rail.

Yet again, showed up on the Golden Dragon as a waiter, having fallen on hard times. Was given 10 platinum pieces by Mariana for his services and is sure to make shrewd use of them

I got what you need!



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