Possessing ghost, fanatic of the Lord of Blades


Scythe is one of the Lord of Blades’ many “secret weapons” against the fleshy races.

Scythe was one of the 8 warforged in Sentinel’s unit, along with Saber and the Lord of Blades. He was destroyed shortly after the war while helping the Lord of Blades in the Mournland.

Due to the way the Mourning affects things, Scythe’s death resulted in the creation of a Ghost of unique abilities. Scythe uses these abilities in service to his master.

A fanatic in life, in death Scythe is totally insane. He believes the Lord of Blades to be a constructed God who walks the earth and utterly, completely believes anything he is told by his master, no matter how much it contradicts anything he’s been told before.

Most recently, he failed in his attempt to have Sentinel sentenced to execution for war crimes under the Treaty of Thronehold.



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