The Crystalfire

Captain Mariana's Ship


A medium sized elemental airship, only 45 ft across at it’s widest point, and 150ft long, she’s built for elegance, distance, and speed.

Crewed by 24, plus her captain, cook, and first mate, the Crystalfire was designed for adventuring, touring, and hauling. Modular in it’s internal construction, it can easily be refitted within weeks for any given task.

Crew listing:

Half-Orc Morg Bard First Mate
Ghallanda Halfling Araella 6th Level Adept Cook
Valenar Elf Vanash 1st Level Expert/5th level Warrior Bosun
(2) Khoravar Tamnoth & Tulnien 1st Level Expert/4th level Magewright Repairs
(3) Half-Orcs Uzokh, Yiras, Oknur 1st Level Expert/3rd level Warrior Watch Officers
Half-Orc Tarun 4th Level Expert Senior Sailor
(4) Khoravar Tarnur, Colzak, Athall, Brennain 3rd Level Expert Senior Sailors
(2) Khoravar Aynen & Raian 3rd Level Expert Sailor
Shifter Paera 3rd Level Expert Sailor
(2) Dwarves Ilnarra & Araya 2nd Level Expert Sailor
(2) Warforged Xyrella & Mender 2nd Level Expert Sailor
(3) Gnomes Tirstaff, Garen, Oren 2nd Level Expert Sailor
(5) Humans Amion, Moran, Madan, Xanros, Zanril 2nd Level Expert Sailor
Mongrelfok Heyu 2nd Level Expert Sailor

The Crystalfire

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